Toilet drain hook up Plumbing for a Toilet

Toilet drain hook up

What You Need

Place the drain for the toilet at a location in the bathroom that will provide enough clearance for the toilet when it is installed; 12 inches from the back wall is suitable for most toilets. Once you have it lined up, glue the waste line to connect to the tub's hook. Prime and glue the pieces. Add My Photo close. Connect the drain lines.

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Your codes may require the horizontal revent lines be as high as 54 inches above the finished floor, or at least 6 inches above the fixture flood level the point where water will start to spill out. Use a hose for the floor drain.

Waste and Vent Pipes

It is the flow of water and its level that carries solid waste from the toilet into the drain pipes. You must get a permit from your hook building department before roughing-in a new toilet. This will determine where you will need to run the plumbing lines. Please try again later. Run auckland dating online horizontal pipe to the existing pipe and assemble the parts needed for tying into it.

You may need another elbow of any degree to position the vertical vent where you want it.

Before You Begin: Frame for a Toilet Bend

Learn how to frame an interior wall. Once you are sure the toilet drain setup is correct, mark the alignment of the fittings and disassemble.

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Set the tub and toilet drain that it is level. The water supply to the toilet should be located as illustrated in the image above, with the following measurements:. Chris Deziel has a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in humanities.

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Connect the sink to the hot and cold water lines. Dry-fit and check that the horizontal pipe slopes correctly. Disassemble the parts, apply primer and glue, and reassemble the pieces in order, starting at the existing drain.

Water Supply Pipes

Check local codes for the correct way to install a roof jack. The fittings can be pointed straight at the wall or at an angle, as needed. Start by positioning the stand to do a test fit.

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The flange holds the toilet to the floor and forms the connection between the toilet and the waste line. Most of the time, the average person replacing a toilet will not need to concern him or herself with this.

Rules for toilet drains and vents

You toilet drain have to cut holes in the floor so that st louis free dating can run the pipes to the fixtures, so determining the exact placement is important. Purchase a roof jack with a rubber flange that will seal a 4-inch pipe.

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Use a plunger on your toilet if it should get clogged. Attach the toilet's tank to the bowl using nuts. All downstream drainage after the connection of a third toilet on the same horizontal pipe must be 4" diameter or larger. Some inspectors prefer horizontal vent pipes to be sloped so condensation can run back to the drainpipes; others don't consider this important.

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Opposite Side If the vent wall is opposite the drain line, use a reducing Y and a street elbow.