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Examples of our advertising plans: The creative team at The majority of active wage earning adults with tremendous purchasing power! WLBC is an interactive radio station with heavy listener interaction.

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You can also build frequency with asian dating i danmark over a period of time, by buying sponsorships for 13, 26, or 52 weeks. Kim Morris is the Hottest Mid-Day diva with her entertainment news, then join Brian Casey between 3 and 7 for the ride home.

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Plus we dive into the biggest hits of years past with selections from up to 7 years ago! An effective advertising campaign must be clearly thought out, masterfully created and fully implemented! If you were to set out to create the world's most powerful advertising medium, there are a few components you would want to include Share with us why people should do business with you, and we will share with you our strategy for developing a custom-designed marketing campaign to make that goal a reality.

Radio advertising offers you the opportunity to deliver a simple yet powerful message to individuals, one on one, in the comfort of their homes, their cars, their workplaces If you can afford to buy 60 commercials to promote a sales event, concentrate 30 commercials on two stations How to Buy Radio: You're not buying a commercial; you're buying intimate access to the listener.

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Radio allows you to influence your best customers and prospects all day long where other media can't: Better yet, they respond to the station and its advertisers.

We'll continue to help you as your business grows and expands to new heights.

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Fox Sports Radio With nothing but Hit Music, How to Create a Radio Message: In Greater Lafayette, buy one or two primary stations, and as many others as you can afford, without spreading your "forces" too thin. First and foremost, you can be as involved in the process as you desire.

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Website by Triton Digital Media. A fairly high percentage of all advertising everywhere produce less than satisfying results.

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Your first decision must be whether your ad will promote image or ask for a specific response. No other major medium reaches consumers closest to the point of purchase than Radio.

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Radio reaches your customers no matter half price hook up wlbc they are; at work, out shopping, or simply relaxing at home. Repetition establishes retention in the mind of the listener.

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As the message is being written, it must stay focused and in tune with your marketing strategy. There are 12 very common mistakes that are made by advertisers that lead to advertising failure, but can be avoided.

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