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Unfair matchmaking cs go

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I could spend years playing basketball, but that doesn't mean I'd be good enough for the NBA, being 4 feet tall would hinder my chances. While I was in Silver, I shuddered at the obvious mistakes being made by my teammates assigned to me. My guess is the DMG was partied matchmaking one or more of the GN3's and you got picked to fill the final slot.

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I just got to MG2 like last week. The delusional silvers in this thread are truly hilarious. How is this even fair?

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They learned the game fast. So why should this have any impact on your "skill rating"?

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Make SR actually based on a players skill then maybe things will be fair. Let the top performers climb rapidly and those that are new or were carried stay down where they belong. I couldn't agree more.

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What should we call you? What does carbon dating determine even feel bad for the opposing team when somebody throws or the entire team bails leaving one man spamming bullets in his base, knowing that the loss is imminent.

Everyone should start at 0 SR, every season.

Gotta get used to it. Really drags a team down.

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It's not like your the only one who has to face those issues, a lot of people have had experiences like you. I know prestige and ranks aren't accurate reflections of actual skill there are always exceptions but in my case, there was such a disparity.

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You're complaining because you don't want to play with people that have the same equal skill as you. I want to play against players my lvlnot get stomped by high lvl players.

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