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Sadly, none of these gained enough nominations to make it to our shortlist, but a few of them are worthy of honourable mentions. To update your preferences, click here.

After the difficulties surrounding Jack Dee's last days as John Smith's No Nonsense man, it would have been understandable if the beer brand had chosen to avoid using another celebrity in its TV ads.

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A great way to join a cultural conversation in a self-deprecating way that was perfectly on brand. However, the introduction of Peter Kaye in a series of spots was funny.

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Candy brands have embraced absurdist comedy in recent years, rolling out "oddvertising" that leaves the youth target in stitches. However, Snoop Dogg's appearance, earlier this year, managed to make the regular film executives look more out of touch than they ever had before. After his chair collapses, Fisher's bald pate is seen poking above the bottom of the screen with a puff of smoke rising above it.

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The Cannes Grand Prix winner in Print was authentic, self-deprecating and flat-out ballsy. The fun, sharable activation was enhanced by great illustrations from Andrew Rae. The digital work was so fun, it even ended up funny on broadcast TV. Website users were also invited to submit their own suggestions for the ads they thought were the most funny. The Martin Agency continued its inspired pre-roll work for Geico with another comical premise—ads that were condensed for your viewing convenience.

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We could have picked any number of ads from Orange's series of Gold Spots, which run before films in UK cinemas. Apple used narration from the late Carl Sagan, reading from his funny Pale Blue Dot, to deliver this beautiful protest ad shortly after President Trump pulled the U. It is only when assistant Del arrives with a six-pack of Heineken that the pupil starts getting the hang of things.

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As their payload splashes off the surface of the lake, a worried-looking German sentry steels himself to defend his fortress. Receive information and updates on Adweek Events, Japan dating culture, and Promotions Receive news and offers from our friends and sponsors. When the spherical missiles reach their target, the soldier turns goalkeeper, leaping like a salmon to keep out the bombs. It serves as a poetic warning of everything we have to lose, with no viable Plan B.

There is a fair spread of dates, and the fact that four are from the 80s perhaps shows that the creative from that golden age of advertising is standing the test of time. The ad plays on the familiar feeling that the photo booth camera always captures you when you are least expecting it.

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But things take dating sites mental health turn for the downright bizarre when a John West fisherman enters the fray and starts fighting one of the bears, kung-fu style. And look for our full Best Ads of package coming in December.

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Receive information and updates on Adweek Events, Awards, and Promotions Receive news and offers from our friends and sponsors. Bud Light's "Real Men of Genius," from DDB Chicago, facetiously saluting the world's legion of unsung male heroes, is probably the best and funniest dating advertisements campaign of all time, and the TV spots were stellar, too. Tim Nudd is creative editor of Adweek and editor of AdFreak, its daily blog. Or maybe it's because a large number of voters were children during that decade.

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Built around an archetypal comic duo—Justin Long as the straight-man Mac, and John Hodgman as the bumbling-fool PC—the spots never failed to amuse. Follow Us facebook twitter linkedin instagram Feed. Amazing work by the actresses, who not only had to deal with an animal but a fully rotating set as well.

Another marvel from a journalism brand, this short film, directed by David Shane, featured Michael K. You are already subscribed to this newsletter. Stay signed in for 30 days.