Dating antique cutlery How to Find the Value of Antique Silver

Dating antique cutlery, information

Sold A very pretty set of 12 knives and 12 forks with decorative engraved blades, long ornate ferules and real mother of pearl handl Silver Butter Knife Smaller than a silver dessert dating pointers, a silver butter knife commonly features a solid silver blade, as sharp cutting is not required.

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Weight of silver grams, Do not use dip solutions to remove very heavy tarnish im 23 and dating a 16 year old it may produce a matt finish. Weight 36 grams, 1 troy ounces. There are two types of quality marks.

Tips on How to Find the Value of Antique Silver

In Ireland bright-cutting was popular on a pointed version of the Old English pattern Celtic Pointand were antique cutlery according to the motif above the cartouche, e. Here are some to check:. An unusual pair of antique sterling silver scissors with the end of one blade formed into a hook.

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A good matched set of 6 antique sterling silver spoons in the attractive feather edge pattern. Total 58 pieces including 2 sets of silver handled knives with stainless steel blades.

Excellent plain style with the pointed terminal, typical of the late 18th century. Elkington deleted the "crown" from its mark in Various dates and makers.


Weight 52 grams, 1. The following table provides an outline of the different types of canteens.

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An antique provincial silver meat skewer with ring handle, feather edge and attractive engraving to one end. A selection of items in this family of patterns can be found on our Fiddle Pattern page.

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All spoons length 17 cms. Scroll through the images until you can match yours. Weight grams, 7.

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Knives may or may not be included. Also referred to as a silver table fork and typically has 4 prongs, or tines.

History of Antique Solid Silver Cutlery

The objective of this page is to dating antique cutlery the visitors of the site in deciphering matchmaking durban marks of their British silverplate.

Weight 98 grams, 3. Many of the names of the late Victorian patterns are no longer in general usage, but a few remain highly collectable and popular today. The most readily available dating due to their prominence, the teaspoon was a spoon used for stirring drinks, and measuring ingredients. Guests were expected to bring their own cutlery to a meal.

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A full place place setting for 12 people but missing 2 dessert spoons and 1 teaspoon. Once you find the manufacturer then you will need to find the pattern. An excellent set of antique sterling silver cutlery in the Fiddle, Thread and Shell pattern.