Xvm matchmaking Matchmaking XVM % chance win - Why 30+% matches?

Xvm matchmaking

I get that, but how does the system put you with possible bad players make the Matchmaking broken?

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All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners. Balance them all you want, and those players will still be terrible, do stupid things, and make games generally feel worse.

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And please, if you have anything that you've experienced in the matchmaking that relates to this, don't be afraid to share it here down in the comments, or make a new thread and talk about it. I experienced this personally over the July 4th weekend. Tazilon 15 Posted Mar 18 - Quantity of matches over Quality of matches.

Community Forum Software by IP. Of course I don't take the winrate of the XVM seriously but matchmaking for the last two days have been significantly unbalanced in the number of battles, winrate and WN8.

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Xenotork 7 Posted Mar 17 - Steamroller is the word that comes to mind. Their philosophy is that if you can get a decent discrepancy in tank tiers, the player skills will not matter as the performance of the tanks themselves are more important.

Wall of text I don't really understand dating army guys uk people are attacking Blizzard for wanting to follow statistics. Something's fishy about the matchmaking Started byron leftwich dating SkyguyMar 31 ALL the games yesterday and today have been completely 3 tier spread. I dont really care if this is in the matchmaking section of the forums, the mods can move it if they have to, but for matchmaking now im just trying to get the word out.

Most of the time this isn't the case, but it happens way too often not to notice, and sure this is fine and dandy for a quick Matchmaking system, but its been a couple years now, and i think its time for a bit of fine tuning.

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If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. Sepplainr 9 Posted Mar 18 - Edited by Skyguy, 31 March - And I've recently discovered this little, rather big, piece of dating site kosten This allows you to actually learn from the battle, instead of being instantly killed, or survive through the minute long battle earning hardly any experience and credits. Your post is flawed. Started by gustavlufsenJul 24 If lemming trains and clueless campers get you down, then this might help.

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It's doing the same thing it's always done. Lots of noobers complain about mm because they are not on top of the list every game.

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Lots of noobers matchmaking mm for being on teams that lose Back to Locked Thread Archive. For all these reasons, my vote is no no no and no.

Some are better players, and some are worse. However, everyone gets a chance to win.

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Skills included in matchmaking or just tank type? We all get bad teams, we all get good teams; up to you to decide your fate in the long run.

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I mean, they programmed it, they should know how it works Back to General Discussion. No way you get it normally. I used to get fair matchups and teams Both tier-based and skill-based according to XVM now it's just ridiculously unbalanced. Now, we can't really confirm or deny anything because the people who CAN confirm or deny this just plain dodge giving a simple answer.

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It is simply that in a nutshell.