2ne1 dating rumors Are G-Dragon and Dara Dating?

2ne1 dating rumors

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Chaerin is known to have bold looks. They both dated for three years.

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The ideal type of Park Bom is Jay-Z. Bom could not make any boyfriend, perhaps due to her shy nature.

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No matter when it is, we are always together. But she desperately wants to make someone her boyfriend, who will make her feel special. But that guy was not really her boyfriend; he was just a friend.

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This group was formed by YG Entertainment in Minzy is her stage name. Once internet dating sites in nigeria cried when somebody called her ugly which proves that she is quite sensitive.

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Gong Minji is a former member of girl group 2NE1. She was the vocalist, dancer and maknae for the group.

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However, she is a complete home bird. Bio, Fan Facts, History etc. Park and G-Dragon were seen working together in Philippines and as dating rumors people started preaching rumors of their relationship. Gong Min-ji is single. Lee Chaerin is currently single.

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She does not go to clubs. The reason of it is that their company has banned its members to make boyfriends. Park Sandara, member of 2NE1 is known for her talent in singing, dancing and acting. Once there were rumors that Sandara is dating rumors to marry a man because she was caught while purchasing an engagement ring.


Nonetheless, she completely negated this news. Joseph Bitangcol is the ex-boyfriend of Park.

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The girls of group are not currently dating anyone or maybe having secret relationshipsdue to the ban imposed by their company. Who has girlfriend in EXO?

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Nevertheless, this relationship also ended but with a good note. Gong Minji, the fourth and the youngest member, left the group in April, Her nick names are Sandy and Krung-krung. As a member of 2NE1, Park Bom was also banned from having any absurd love relationship, so dating logo is currently single.

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Her stage name is CL. Park Bom As a member of 2NE1, Park Bom was also banned from having any absurd love relationship, so she is currently single.

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Her fans were shocked to see the image. Unlike other young girls, Chaerin loves to stay at home rather than to go to outings. However, like other young girls of her age, she also has some wishes regarding her future boyfriend.