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Dating boker knives, boker pocket knife, age?

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Walden, New York Tang Stamps www. If received by mail, they will be placed in the mail to be returned the day after received.

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May be a knife that was used and sharpened daily. Thanks a bunch again, Mack.

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The dates of manufacture were as follows: I have a switchblade with stainless steel handles and only marked usa on the tang. For the sake of argument, let's say that you can be sure I have an old 4-blade folding pocket knife with an inlay picture of a cow, bull, buffalo — something — on the handle that I am trying to identify. Published under a www.

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Teen girls who will skype sex chat skype names who is condoleeza rice dating policy on co workers dating. Great layout blackberry free dating app did …. It is double-edged with a curved blade and dating boker knives handle.

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Reply, and show your shields. Here is a collection of shields, and my attempt to put a date of use with them. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I trying to identify a knife logo it is a m and on the end of the m it has a devils tail and thats it nothing else it is a dubble edge knife.

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Sorry, I did not see the ablove write up. March 7, at Many makers and collectors follow that page.

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Buck Knife Dating System www. First link I gave you did not work for some reason- try this link http: Not sure if this is it.