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This was when I was living in the bay area.

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I just went on there I'm in New Jerseyradius of 25 miles of women aged online within the past week, there's a total of Please assign yourself flair at the top of the sidebar More Subreddit Rules and Guidelines click this.

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I really like the set up of OKC, and I was on there on and off for two years. Talk via PM or start a new thread.

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It's possible that Tinder isn't the right medium for you, but it's best hookup apps android 2015 more likely that you don't present yourself as well as you could.

Long-term I'm not looking for casual, FWB, etc.

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Hookups work okay on Tinder I guess, and it's popular with younger kids. All of my friends who are still dating absolutely swear by OKC, and I know best dating site four couples who met on there and are married now.

Dating services for single parents is why I loved OkC!

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Don't have an account? Single, never married, no kids.

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However Tinder is perceived much differently in the country where I currently live versus the US where I'm from. Met lots of people originally but now most are on Tinder.

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PlentyofFish is pretty awful. Some of your favorite musicians?

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The last 10 women I've thought were interested or that I've tried to pursue have all been in relationships some even engaged or married or uninterested in commitment. I rarely get matches and when I do they ignore me or just talk once and never again.

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POF is pretty good too, as long as you're prepared to send 20 messages for 1 reply. About how you post it: I actually think it has less to do with the platform as it does with your own preferences and how you set up your profile, screen for red flags in messages, etc.

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This is exactly why I don't try online dating. It is what you make it but I've had the best luck best dating for sure.

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No linking to specific threads in other forums. I found my very soon to be wife on Eharmony.

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I can't say it has the site quality, but it definitely has the most guys so you just have to weed the bad ones out. Please check the FAQ before posting Rules: I had much better responses on the pay sites.

The million dollar question: My wife and I found each other on OKCupid. The title of your post must end in a question mark You must choose flair, even the "no flair" flair.