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Flomaton Auction, Flomaton, AL photo.

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Yeiser started a new "office products" company he called Globe Files Co. Gil in Cincinnati permalink.

Antique Wernicke Bookcases

Missing hardware and suspension parts used to be the kiss of death for the sale of a Globe-Wernicke or Macey cabinet but in today's market there are several companies that can provide exact duplicates for the missing pieces.

The Utility style cabinets were around by at least Glad I could find your website Thank you.

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This particular bookcase has aged to a lovely warm shade of walnut with a striking grain, good patina, is in very good condition and has been beautifully cleaned using a traditional form of wax online dating love songs. Most of the manufacturers stopped making stacking bookcases by the mid s during the Depression era. What i need to know is when built approximately, how many, and a possible value. By it was a major player in the "elastic" market making sectionals with fold down desk compartments and pigeon hole interiors.

Each section having a glazed door that lifts and slides back using a brass handle.

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Bythere were the Arlington and Washington style bookcases [35][37][38]. The Wernicke Company was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Otto Wernicke, widely regarded as the inventor of the sectional bookcase, in [2][3][11][27].

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Any information on any of the GW bookcases would be appreciated. The sections were constructed from plain oak straight cut oakquartered oak globe wernicke dating sawed oak, globe wernicke dating oakmahogany, or imitation mahogany birch with a mahogany finish.

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As one would expect, due to its design, it is relatively easy to move as it can be split into several sections. Not sure if these are distinct styles, but each uses numbering known finishes: It could be expanded by adding separate additional units to a crown and base. Standard style bookcases were initially the only style of bookcase produced by Globe Wernicke.

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Visit Make yourself scarce dating website at www. Everybody's favorite purveyor of oak furniture, The Larkin Soap Company, even got into the act. If you ask about them you probably will be told it is a "barrister" bookcase made by Globe-Wernicke in Cincinnati around the turn of the century and that they are fairly rare.

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