Dating a mentally challenged person Dare to Ask: Is it OK to date someone mentally disabled?

Dating a mentally challenged person

Unless she's asked for your help changing it, take a deep breath and a step back.

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They've got the right to find that out for themselves without you sticking your oar in. Family might be a whole 'nother ball of wax--but again, since we're talking about someone who is of legal age despite diminished capacity, there may not be a whole the real dating sites they could specifically DO, even if they weren't particularly thrilled by the idea. I was just giving an example of severe and un-severe dating illnesses.

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Autism I could live with. In most cases, people who are 'mentally retarded' or 'developmentally disabled' are just not as quick at learning things as average. But stuff like that happens.

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These women wanted to be treated like anyone else, and this is a part of life we all deal with It's just a weird quirk that hits me person for some reason. If you are going to date somebody it is extremely important that you challenge a very strong sense of personal ethics and boundaries.

But, I mean, in the larger scheme of things, she is going to get into relationships, some of which will not end well.

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He was one of most incredible do you like interracial dating I ever met in my entire life. Most people's abilities, in fact, are quite uneven - even normal people.

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Nice Boy was still legally a minor. Short term memory problems are typical of a learning disability. I got to meet this lady a half dozen times and she was wonderful to talk to.

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In the long term a big intellectual gulf might cause relationship problems; but fundamentally, they would be her problems, not yours. And ultimately it will prevent you from being what your sister-in-law needs: I would only imagine if a normal person started to date a slow person or mentally handicap person there are some issues.

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She always seemed to remember how people felt. No need to even learn to drive. When her parents found out, they called the Police.

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You'll know what to do after the date. Useful articles and videos are allowed.

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She lived in a group home for a while, where she had a relationship with a much older man who had suffered a stroke that destroyed his long-term memory.