T 34 3 matchmaking T-34-3 over priced?

T 34 3 matchmaking

I heard this plays like a type 59 with a higher damage gun, and lower alphamore of a brawling medium.

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Pros and Cons Pros: Just a fair warning don't buy this tank its not worth your money, I wish i can get a refund for mine! WoT Guru January 2, Below the T is compared to the Type 59 and T in the primary firepower values.

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Decode this if you can. IS-6 — full review — And here is where I immediately lose credibility with a lot of people. Facehugging can be a viable tactic while using this tank, especially against opponents with bad gun depression.

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Due to its above average armor for a medium tank the T does struggle with mobility in some areas compared to the standard T Well WG missed the mark with patch 9.

T, a big NOsince it has more drawbacks than upsides.

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Its also has to do with player not really knowing how to play even at tier ten!. T Damage 4.

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The T is a Chinese tier 8 premium medium tank. What tank is worth getting?

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MagicSeagull, on 05 October - However, the gun is a little more reliable and has more HP than the IS Has anyone else noticed the decline in credits per battle when compared to similar matches pre The main reason as to why it is so expensive is probably because of the special MM. The T is noticeably slower than the T in every aspect of the tank aside from going down steep slopes dating site joburg both tanks have the same top speed.

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Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. It's like an 80 year old granny with severe arthritis is the gunner. On the hull the T has 90mm across the upper frontal glacis and 70mm on the lower frontal glacis.

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Sign In Email address: That explains the price. Same role over and over, go one flank, defend, after tanks dead, push to next corner, repeat.

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Search Advanced Search section: Its not just what tier!. Sherman Firefly Comet Centurion Mk.

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Ceeb 19 Posted 15 June - You on the other hand with only 3 degrees of gun depression are left aiming at the frontal turret or a still well angled upper glacis. Already have an account?

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