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Recently, she has been talking to me a lot about this man that works in her building.

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So what do you do when this happens? Kae October 21, at 4: Let us email you this blog post. This is backed up by science and real-life experiments. You text her moreof course.


The unwritten rules of how not to dig yourself into a dating hole. So, what next… keep it that way, for how long?

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This works because firstly your time is now split between this the chick you are out with and the other woman speed dating paso robles really want to date. Another way to communicate scarcity is to be seen with another woman.

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Why is this, when there are guys like you out there? This will make you unattractive to her and will make her look elsewhere for a stronger, more alpha male. They face the risk of things not always going their way.

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So what is one way you can be scarce? Why do I want other women?

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You see, being really, really keen on someone right from the outset, puts them in a position where they feel very important. The more specific and concrete you are, the better. And, it can make you more attractive. You were too available.

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Your time is something that you make yourself scarce dating NEVER get back and you need to use it in the best possible way you can think of. In fact, if you look deeper into the root of initiations, you will see that they serve a very important function.


We've gone out on a couple of dates now, but the relationship cannot go past the friendship level. Initiations are sometimes raw, cruel, grotesque and demeaning.

Kae October 20, at 1: It hammers the final nail into the coffin of what might have been with you and her.