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Dating western knife

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And, especially thanks for posting it here! How easy or difficult is it to come across a Western Bowie that actually datings western knife like it may have seen use during the Vietnam War.

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Some older pocketknife numbers have a zero inserted just before the pattern number to signify a modification, usually in material or finish, such as or Its red brick buildings were a landmark at Broadway and Marine Street for more than 50 years until it moved in to a new building in Boulder Industrial Park on Arapahoe Avenue.

In February,Camillus closed as a result of bankruptcy due to competition from companies making cheaper knives in other countries. I have handled about five Western Bowies that were used in Vietnam.

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Charles Platts, still a respected cutlery leader, and his other sons reentered the picture when they moved from Northfield to Little Valley in and began work with Cattaraugus. In fact in 20 years of service, was never given a Vietnam carried knife.

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At least none that I can find. Back in the early, and late 70's, all the guys I approached for any type of knife, especially SOG knives, said they left them in Vietnam. Camillus produced the W49 until It differs from the W49 by the stainless steel used in the blade and the synthetic stag material they used for the handle.

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In the early s, Dating almost divorced man. With Camillus now out of business, much of that inside company information has been lost. Platts knew the business and he certainly had experience in starting a cutlery factory, but he also recognized the need to establish a base of business if he was to be successful in starting all over again. The earlier Western knives made dating western knife in Boulder were already sought after by knife collectors, and now even the more modern Western knives made by Camillus are rising in value.

Although the business was prospering and a manufacturing facility would have been in order, it would be several years coming.

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Here are some vintage Western stockmans. Although the business was doing very well and sample introductions for dating sites now teenage Platts sons were becoming increasingly active in the business, the father's health hinged upon a move to a drier climate. It was also the last year that Western manufactured their knives in Boulder, Colorado.

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What do you think I have? Collectors today must identify early knives from catalogs and application of the numbering system.

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It is guard marked: While working in the same factory Debbie Case, the eldest child of W.