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It was a rainy night in mid-September, and the specter of winter, which some residents joke lasts 90 percent of the year, was already looming over the throng. Here are my thoughts on the article and what they left out:. You want to have random convos and dates with strangers? I feel like a craft brewery opens every weekend.

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You are commenting using dating niche Facebook account. Repeat violators may lose their commenting privileges on StarTribune. To be fair to natives: The writer of the scene ventured to a couple of popular uptown bars to conduct his research, namely Mortimers and the C.

Paul somehow ranking as the most romantic city in all of North Americathe only thing not to like about dating in the Twin Cities is that Minneapolis women are apparently some of the pickiest in the country.

For residents of Uptown, which lacks skyways, going out can be a pastime for the very hearty — or the very motivated. Even an intentionally lame pick-up line would probably only garner you an eye-roll, or maybe a blank stare.

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As far as the dating scene goes, I haven't had much experience with it -- I moved here for my then-boyfriend-now-husband but I have single friends and it seems like it is kind of tough to date. Want to hang out sometime? Paul from Thanksgiving until the end of January.

My wife, from Missouri.

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Popular Canadian ice cream chain coming to Mall of America. Old thread but spot on. I moved from Florida to Minneapolis last August.

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Really looking to make headway with your new friend? There was seriously snow from November to May The article briefly datings scene the Nomad. Lindma, who was wearing her shock of platinum hair piled atop her head. I have experienced the phenomenon myself.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Calendar Today Nov Nov 02 31 1 2 3 4. State Arts Board grants winners.

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A shorter-than-me bartender who believed strongly in gender roles. Wayne devised in which they challenge each other to break the ice with women using the most dreadful pickup lines that they and their friends can come up with, casting themselves as the Chaddiest and Braddiest of Chads and Brads.

I want a garden.

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Oh, and may we suggest you stop at a few bars along the way?