My daughter is dating a felon Daughter was dating an Ex Convict, rebellious and hateful

My daughter is dating a felon, search form

In order for people involved in the schemes to get jail time they need to be considered felonies.

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SherBear March 7, Bottom line — they cheated. This may be grounds for you to have primary custody to help limit your daughter's time around this person, but it will depend on some more daughter facts as well as which judge is hearing the case.

Lili March 7,2: We verified it with the court records.

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Is this felony distribution of copyrighted material? Iwannatalktosampson March 7, Hopefully the LW will come back and clarify things for everyone. How will you handle it when your daughter.

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If she's done nothing to alleviate that lack of trust, and she's an adult, you are within your rights. I'm sorry for your heartache Kelci.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Get a new felon. So if that is a risk he should have stopped after the first time — and his choosing not to is the character flaw with me.

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To elaborate more on your point about 4 felonies…if he does it again…that is some heavy korean idol dating variety show time. The only one I found that I might be OK living with is vandalism of a federal building. Of course, its possible that he is truly reformed and will never get into trouble, but that may always be nagging at you in the back of your mind.

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Im dating a felon, can my childs father get custody Dating felons hotdognchilli Posts. Would his addiction be something the LW should be concerned about?

It also reminded me of my parents making me practice the flute outside. I have no problem with drug use and think the laws against it are ridiculous — hook up quadrajet carburetor if someone gets in trouble with the law once, they should want to avoid getting in trouble again.

Should I stay for the long haul and jump the hurdles with him or flee and never look back?

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Where are you meeting these guys with criminal backgrounds? I was like really?

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Tyson Gay joined by thousands for vigil to honour daughter The strangulation charge was from when he strangled my daughter. Is she prepared to deal with that?