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Conn connstellation trumpet dating

Later models 18B and 17B's have in Conn terms normal straight braces. The 2B and 8B models are distinct because of the conn connstellation slide finger ring which is below the third slide.

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I am not claiming that this is a complete guide covering every single model, but it should cover most bases. Of course the model number in the picture is an example. Is there a model name engraved on the side of the leadpipe? I think this is the best trumpet in my life!

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These are quite rare. I would consider the trumpet to be in good to very good condition. Thank you very much friends for your opinion!

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Do you need to hold the instrument bell up or bell down to read the serial dating I will conn connstellation trumpet dating deal with recognizing a model through names and numbers. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

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Does the serial number consist of 7 digits, beginning with two digits between 37 and 45? The second approach is to look at the features of the instrument.

Improved Cornet and Trumpet Recognition Guide

Any Victor without any Coprion with a serial number of or later that doesn't have any nickel trim or is entirely silver plated is an 8B, else it is a 22B. Congratulations my dear fellow!

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The 10B, 40B, 56B and 58B all are longer and narrower than trumpets built more recently. The 12B Coprion has "Coprion" engraved on the leadpipe, the 12B Coprion Special has extensive engraving on phpfox dating module nulled bell all the way to the bell curve.

Conn Connstellation Trumpet Dating

I'm new to this site and jopined for some information. I'm very interested in this. Are you looking to trumpet this horn or pick up playing again? These valve caps are either nickel-silver plated or lacquered brass.

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This causes the Connstellation serial numbers to come in as follows my educated guess: He said it was played in the 50s in LSU's tiger band. If the leadpipe enters the third valve, furthest from the player, then it is a 77B trumpet. That model comes with and without the first slide trigger.

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Nickel plated valve casing If the instrument has an entirely nickel plated valve casing and not brass with nickel trim and doesn't have any Coprion to it, then it can be an early 6B or a 22B Victor 's. Continue with step 3. It should be stamped on the 2nd valve. Don't use this guide for stencils, Pan American instruments or instruments suspected to be a Conn but not engraved as such. The former Conn employee said that an Electro-D bell was a brass bell, electrolytically plated with copper, and then electrolytically plated with nickel.

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All letters and digits in the serial number are relevant, especially letters or digits followed by a space followed by several more letters or digits. If the model "Connstellation" is engraved on the leadpipe, then it is a 28B Connstellation trumpet.

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I am happy you have found a trumpet that you enjoy very much and that you can use in different kinds of groups. The 8B is either completely lacquered brass or completely silver plated. If you contact me I can try to identify the instrument, but don't hold your breath.

Conn Cornet and Trumpet Recognition Guide Follow the steps below in order and follow directions indicated as "go to