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Message 1 of 43 Views. I'll see yall ho ho ho's in my workshop. Did you get the charge taken off your credit card, Caryn A.

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I wasn't impressed with the preview of available matches, going through the sign-up process, so that raised the flag. Sites You Might Also Like. However, this would not be the site for you if you do not intend on meeting someone in person or need a lot of time to get to know someone before having an encounter with them. First I was "matched" with people in my immediate community and it was very clear that Hiv positive dating site in nigeria took nothing about my cultural, educational or preferences to consider my matches, aarp.

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If anyone has an idea of how to get AARP or "How free online we " to pay attention to our very real concerns, I'd be happy to help in the effort. I guess they think that "old" people are stupid. This was the last dating at internet dating for me. I found there to be too few decent men on the AARP's dating site. As a member, you then get bonus points for completing every milestone.

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What is the return policy? Very difficult to use.

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Message 5 of 43 Views. Where is the company located?

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Not worth a plugged nickle. I would not recommend this site at all and am disappointed on AARP, my go-to place for everything else. Find someone, get married, grow old together.

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At this point all of the information about the "matches" disappeared. Heard on All Things Considered. Did you get your charges off your credit card, N. AARP Dating has been named as one of the friendliest online dating sites for seniors, it has a fun, laid-back layout that promotes the feeling of ease. I deleted my account and asked for a refund.

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For those 50 and older, AARP has launched a dating site to help find that special someone. Also if you subscribe they set your dating to auto-renew so it's very easy to forget and keep paying them for something you don't even use. I have an executive recruiting background and there are a lot of business practices that could be applied to dating websites.

Mande has gone out on half a dozen dates since the site launched in December — including the beach — and has free met a silver-haired fox. But what if you've done that, and suddenly find yourself back at square one?

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See all answers 2. How long does shipping take? I can't believe AARP would get messed up in something like this, I like aarp,the magazine and everything is good, but don't waste your money on this dating site, it's a waste of time and money,it's sadnot a way to r dating scans accurate a mate!!

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