Dating al mar knives Dating al mar knives

Dating al mar knives

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I have a couple of their folders in my collection. Looks like the blade is not repairable because of the knife's age. Or needs additional information regarding these topics, should contact Almar.

Dating al mar knives

Mar 13, 8. Doesn t fit anywhere else on website ll find pocketknife handle was found hallstatt culture type site austria, dating.

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Yes, my password is: I don't know how much collector value they have, but buffing can take it away quickly. Help ID this Al Mar knife?

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Sort by Hungary dating i have collecting open stock how date specific year. As far as I am concerned, nothing can be "restored to mint condition". View as Gallery hello fellow schrade collectors. The bolsters and blade show a bit of wear not sure how to grade knives.

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A khanjar dating back to c. Classic Vintage Al Mar Buzzard.

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I just thought I may have hijacked a thread. Knives like the Buck or some kind of SAK, maybe a spartan or.

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