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Fogu does use advertisements to offset expenses and time. He is a very friendly fellow, and as your rival, he enourages you to do your best.

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Nobody in town will think it is strange. If you are playing a male character, he can marry one of the following female characters: Fritz the novice farmer.

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The pet name you select can't be changed until you get married. On the way there the two of you come across a dog. See the friendship page for more information about increasing friendship.

Flower Events

He tells you that he's here to buy some new crop seeds for planting. The art card for your new spouse appears on the top screen during the ending credits that appear after the marriage ceremony.

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At this point you can now present a blue feather for marriage, or trigger a reverse proposal. You will need a Silver ore and a Fluorite to construct the Ring for your sweetheart. List of Items Accessory Combos.

Gift Preferences

The available marriage candidates will typically have colored flowers on their character portraits when you talk muslim speed dating events london them. Wait until a sunny Saturday or Sunday when it is not a festival day, you have seen the yellow flower event and pink flower events or both pink flower events if you're going out with Eliseyou have a red flower color with your sweetie, you have upgraded your house to large or higher, and then give him or her the Blue Feather.

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Page last updated T This is the highest level of affection a character can have for you. The ring exchange event will last one hour, and you'll return to your farmhouse after the event is over.


You can visit their shop and they will instantly appear to take your shop order, and then will instantly return back to the farm house once you've finished shopping. This will need what are the top dating apps though.

His farm looks shabby and disorganized, but that doesn't mean that he's lazy and unkempt. You run down to help pick up the apples for the man.

Red Flower Friendship Level

To eat with your spouse, stand next to the table inside of your farmhouse during the meal times and press A. Your spouse can also go out and fetch wild items for you.

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At this point, it seems like you can trigger a 'date' event with your significant other. Here is what the flower colors mean:.

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You can improve your friendship with people by talking to them, giving them gifts that they like, wearing clothing and accessories that they like, participating in festivals, and more. Then go to his or her house to start a cut scene where you can harvest moon story of seasons dating whether or not to break up. Amsey Little Wanderer True Addiction 90 total posts: If the person likes golden crops, you'll earn bonus friendship.

The house comes with a double bed inside of it. And keep your eyes peeled for those individual romance guides that I promised.