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Hi5 dating scams

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He hasn't asked for anything yet but I knew something was "fishy" when he started throwing out the "I love you" and "I want to buy you a car" WOW a dating embarrassed I kinda fell for some of it. I have maybe three conversations with this guy on yahoo well today I got a urgent text quote please for gods sake I need assistance I am in tears something terrible just happen to me. He said that he has a son name Robin 14 and wife died 6 years ago from Cancer.

Watch out for the scammers saying they are USA Army etc. Claims to be in Valencia, Spain doing renovations on a home that his parents owned - he is trying to sell it, but has to do major repairs first.

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Anonymous March 25, at 3: He was sending a parcel to me money and the dipolmat got caught in Ghana. He is looking for woman to prey on.

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Would it happen to be James Torres and his son name is Dave? He told me he was a metallurgical engineer with his own company which I later asked the name of and got the answer Enterneet Metallurgical. Anonymous April 27, at 7: I posted his picture in a lot of scam sites and he found out about it and threaten to kill me so i called top dating sites nl local police on him.

I just received email from Match.


This is the same guy that has contacted me in the last week. I was taken aback but he said sorry after. Anonymous December 28, at 1: We spoke several times a day. Even when I told him I wouldn't give him money he called me several times per day, I wouldn't scam.

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I have chatted with so many men from Badoo. He will claim to need money for food, phone, hotel, plane tickets and the list goes cfm radio dating and on. Divorced, has a daughter. He says he is half Italian and half English and a widower whose wife died in a car crash 5 years ago.

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Those scams you see on video? Saying he loves me in a matter of days. Then he sent a persons name with an adress of the immigration where I could send that amount through Western Union.


He is good looking, black american with a 14 year old kid. Where we had been chatting and building a relationship,well that is what he lead me to believe, we even exchanged phone numbers. Also Greg Maupin in syria sent pictures that I think is probably a military man who has passed away.