Dating someone for 5 years 5 years of dating, 3.5 years of living together, no ring.

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Uggg, what a sad reason to get married. I'm cool with dating a year old.

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However I think that generally speaking, men are stronger and smarter than that. Here are a few lessons we learned from 5 years of dating!

Be respectful at all times. We were content together, as you describe it.

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Some Bees would tell you to be quiet, not say anything, and hope that your SO will magically end up on the same page as you at some point. You said you want children together, what is his ideal timeline for this if you are to get married before TTC?

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Not only do you dating websites with free chat a dating someone for 5 years, you also get a whole second family! It's okay as long as you learn from them.

God works things out in the way they should go! This sounds somewhat familiar ; Dated my husband for seven years before we got married!

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You don't even bother putting on makeup, because you are usually in sweatpants or a fashionable onesie. I gave that up once and it was the biggest regret in my life.

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They know their own hearts and minds. I guess just try to see if you wanna be with her till the end. Just say "I'm We both have established that we want to get married and have kids.

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Being engaged for years is no solution either. Not once did I ever tell her that I was interested in her.

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But that after five years together, I wanted to know what specifically what his plans and intentions were. CatyLady 3 years ago Wedding: Do not mention upvotes or downvotes.

Does your relationship still contain moments of passion, of sudden realizations of how awesome, cute, cool, sexy your partner is?

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