Dating steinway pianos serial number How old is my Steinway?

Dating steinway pianos serial number

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Soundboards from Scratch Steinway does not buy their soundboards, instead, they buy the spruce planks to make their soundboards. If this is the case with your piano, you might be able to find the serial number stamped onto the front of the action or stamped on the underside of the piano close to where the pedals are attached to the case.

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A piano restored by the Restoration Center is the closest dating steinway pianos serial number possible to a brand-new Steinway. Due to the unique design of the Steinway pinblock all Steinway pianos hold their tune longer.

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A Steinway piano is built to be rebuilt. Non-Steinway replacement parts used in the rebuilding of a Steinway piano are purchased for one reason only: The average age of a Steinway piano restored by the Steinway Restoration Center.

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The Steinway Restoration Center restores more than Steinway pianos a year. As pianos are completed, they are serial-numbered and, even today, handwritten into the Steinway archives which list the details of every Steinway piano built. When combined with the soundboard being gradually tapered from the center to the edge, which permits the freedom of movement, it creates a sound of unparalleled richness, sonority, and sustain.

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The touch of a Steinway is the most sensitive and responsive of any piano made. There are very dating females in bangalore piano dealers that are authorized to sell new Steinway pianos throughout the world only about 68 in North America but many piano dealers who can acquire pre-owned Steinway pianos to resell.

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Original An original used Steinway piano is one that has never had any parts replaced since it was manufactured. When a Steinway piano is rebuilt, it is imperative that Steinway parts be used in this process if the piano is to play and sound as a Steinway should play and sound.

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This means that a Steinway grand piano completed on March 5,will NOT have any of the innovations or advancements developed after that date such as:. If the new soundboard was not replaced at the Steinway factory then this piano is no longer a Steinway.

However, for years, non-Steinway dealers and unauthorized piano rebuilders have created a great deal of confusion in the piano industry. Simply put, no one knows a Steinway like Steinway.

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However, you would be doing your due diligence to visit your local Steinway dealer and play a couple of new Steinway pianos. These close-grained lines enable the sound-producing energy to travel more efficiently to the end of the soundboard.

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About the Soundboard Close-grained, quarter-sawn Sitka spruce, with a prescribed minimum number of annual growth rings is the wood used for Steinway soundboards. One of their difficulties is the necessity they face of reverse-engineering and guesswork.

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Below are a few examples of details you should be looking for when shopping on-line for a pre-owned Steinway piano. Would it still sound like a Stradivarius? Authenticity Each and every Steinway piano restored receives a Certificate of Authenticity which guarantees the piano was restored using genuine Steinway parts.