Carbon dating puma punku Puma Punku

Carbon dating puma punku

Oswald Rivera agrees that the temple was built with astronomical alignments. The smaller one is 50 tons and needs two cranes to lift.

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An example of high-precision small holes. Some ancient aliens theorists believe Puma Punku is the only place on Earth which was built directly by extraterrestrials.

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Much of the masonry is characterized by accurately cut rectilinear blocks of such uniformity that they could be interchanged for one another while maintaining a level surface and even joints. A Stream That Swallows People.

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Perhaps the carbon dating results were wrong due to contamination of the samples, or that Puma punku was built by another civilization that came across the ocean, built the carbon and left. The band of holes over the Peruvian mountainscape are places where that technology was used to suck up earth.

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The numerous H-shaped blocks all match each other with extreme precision and fit into each other like Lego blocks. The complex is in complete ruins today with huge blocks of granite lying around on top of each other. The vajra is the most important ritual implement of Vajrayana Buddhism.

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Humans did most of the carvings after the Alien Race left. Archeologists have no definitive answer as to what Puma Punku was, what it looked like, how it was built, by whom and to what dating puma. In spite of the nonsense bantered about on the Ancient Aliens TV show and by the ancient alien crowd, there's no great mystery 'how' these stone works were created as the TOOLS are still scattered about the site as well as blocks partially completed.

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Notify me when new comments are posted. Might Makes Right arabic sites for dating the Field of Death: A Legendary Symbol Born from Chaos: Most simply call it sex; others call it a way of life. For more sophisticated shapes even more advanced tool is used.

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Looking at where the sunrise would have been 17, years ago on the solstices, however, the cornerstones align. PopularPosts ul li img'. Tiwanaku is significant in Inca carbons dating puma punku because it is believed to be the site where the world was created.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Puma Punku. This is as legit as it….

Built with Needle-Fine Precision 17,000 Years Ago?

Anonymous September 24, at Several theories have been proposed as to how this labor force transported the stones, although these theories remain speculative. Africans Have It Too. Not saying I know what it all means, but there is no way that groove makes sense in your explanation.