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Online dating vs daygame

Annnd apparently you fail to realize that you just backed up my point.

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Men will board a plane and go live in a foreign country just because the women are more feminine. No search term specified. Night game must be done late in the evening, daygame must be done during the daytime, and social circle game must be done when your friends are available.

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You do the math. I think most of the women still doing online dating are either resilient or stupid.

Would you say online dating is harder to succeed than approaching girls in real life?

In every society, the men and women deserve each other. I live in a large area so online is working out well.

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Eric Crowley January 2, Improve your flirting and be a better man - http: OR if you enjoy going out at night. This could be a good explanation for the lower response rates.

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Display posts from previous: Open link in a new tab. Girls posting their pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr get as much, if not more validation than they would from men on online dating sites.

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It's a bonus, but the point is to get a 'Day 2' of sorts. Online dating will mostly get you chubby insecure chicks.

Online Dating? Or Day Game.

You can go out in have a random 5 minute interaction with a girl on the street and get further than you will in 1 month of messaging each other. There are three main types of playing field the modern day player may find himself diving into when on the hunt for datings.

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Sun Dec 28, Do you call her out on it, run away, tell her she's despicable? IMO the way to use an online dating profile is to go on it like once a day, and just send out a few messages then go out and approach.

Nemausus Hey kristen dating james, I had the exact same experience with online game.

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Game actually works better on attractive women. If you take a picture of yourself with your phone in the mirror you have failed.

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Introverts But remember, being an introvert is not an excuse for being a pussy. I agree with what you say about online game being the most time savy.

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Sure it can be a minefield, there are plenty of loonies and mingers out there however I find it a great tool for meeting girls, especially here in South East Asia. So all in all women sign up, bombarded with messages, big ego boost they either get fed up with all the retarded beta males and leave or they log in every day most likely never meeting anyone from the website.

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