Dating law in australia Age of dating laws in Australia?

Dating law in australia

Thank you I think I understand better now You've helped a lot.

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Without any sexual contact.? Thank you so much.

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I can only imagine an Australian judge's reaction to, "Well Rob on Ehelp said it was okay! What is the difference between civil law and criminal law?

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Was I meant to date guys age 18 and 19 online or what.? The issue is the age of consent for sexual activity.

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The concept of dowry under Islamic law in four school first messages on dating sites example law Regarding dating law in australia in date of release and date of purchase of car on title transfer certificate Why you want to select cq university in australia? What are the dates of the Victorian age?

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You may want to know: If it's not your answer to this question, please click "Leave a Comment" button under the question to communicate with the question owner. The police aren't going to launch an investigation over what goes on in someone's bedroom but the person that has custody has options like declaring the minor to be a runaway or charging the adult with contributing to their delinquency, depending on the laws there.

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I'm not saying it's okay at all, rather that you are still vulnerable unless the custodial parent agrees to the arrangement. It would depend on whether it was OK with the person that has custody of the 17 year old and whether they filed a complaint. I really appreciate you answering this thank you so much.

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Age of dating laws in Australia?