Cb pa hook up How to rig up PA system to CB

Cb pa hook up

Best Compact CB Radios 3.

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I have never needed an external amp for a PA from my CBs. I'm wondering if you recognize my error, or maybe you could just clue me into how you set up your PA system.

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As a bonus there are a few amplifier and horn packages that also throw in a box to generate a wide range of specialized noises to add a bit of kick to your car horn. Good luck and let us know of the cb pa hook up Maybe the output from the CB overwhelmed the input to the amp?

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They put out more than enough for most PA speackers. Maybe not put to good use as much these days even wiring up a basic PA system in a vehicle can be a good and effective safety feature.

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The only option has been on or under the front bumper, which exposes it to mud and road salt. Using an extra amplifier does give a massive improvement on the basic CB radio PA output with the chance to use bigger horns or even hook up a multiple horn PA system with a very high audio output.

Where to Put the PA Horn and a Look at Quality

CB Radio Power Supplies 5. How to rig up PA system to CB.

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These external speakers have exceptional sound quality and let you monitor your voice as you transmit. It wasn't fun enough, so I bought a Jeep. This weatherproof horn has 10 watts of power, perfect to mount in your car, SUV or pickup. When the external speaker is plugged in, the internal speaker is automatically disconnected.

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See accessory page Learning Center About Us. I bought an all weather speaker that was 8 ohms at 25 w 50w max.

A great option for an external speaker if you need a little more than what you have with your current CB. CB Radio Amplifiers 4.

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It is awsomely loud hook no AMP. Good luck gettin' it squared away. Close Understanding Wattage Speakers and horns are both rated on the maximum wattage at which they can broadcast.

Understanding Wattage

Try not to get swayed by the chance to have the dukes of hazard horn and buy one of these sets without focusing on the quality of the equipment at the same time. All times are GMT Your email address will not be published.

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The problem has been finding a place to mount the speaker. Many years ago I hooked up an exterior speaker to it.

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PA horns let you turn your equipped CB into a vehicle loudspeaker, with the horn mounted outside the cab. A great external speaker option for hearing CB transmissions in loud truck cabs.

Extra Volume

I had an hand-me-down amp that was rated at 4 ohms at w. The PA output fitted to CB radios has been with us since the first commercial sets went on sale with it now being as much a function we expect to see on a CB radio as a microphone socket or antenna output. Take care to run the power and audio input leads for the horn so that they completely avoid any parts of the engine that gets hot also making sure they are fixed down properly. To be honest, the volume level was not worth the effort of hooking it up.