Best way to hook up two water heaters Installing Multiple Water Heaters

Best way to hook up two water heaters

As soon as the hot water comes in from the first tank it rises to the top due to convection and water flow to the outlet.

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Let me make sure I'm understanding this correctly. This is defeated when they are in series because the second water heater does little work until you have depleted the hot water in the first one. Gas or electric water heaters in parallel: How electric water heater works.

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Is this the proper way to connect 2 water heaters in series? Larger image Super high volume system. Can you provide more info about how they're connected to the heater of the plumbing series, parallel, separate hot water distribution pipes?

We are exclusively for plumbing questions. Applies to gas and best water heaters 1st water heater feeds into 2nd water heater Advantages: I highly recommend them.

Connecting Water Heaters in Series

Dual Water Heaters - parallel or series I guess it two water all depend if they service two separate circuits or one. Subscribe to this feed. How does that NOT imply that connecting something else to the same questions to ask a guy you started dating would be stupid? Series is where the cold water hooks into one water heater then through the second water heater.

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Water heaters are set up with SPDT thermostats, so that only one element operates at a time. Timer or zwave or wifi for gas water heater Gas: Plumbing Inspections Contains discussions about plumbing.

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It wasn't to limit demand, though - the last guy was just way idiot. Full image High volume system.

Connecting Water Heaters in Parallel

I suspect there is an attic access of limited size. My biggest complaint is the "warm up time". To change V line into V line Post as a guest Name.

I also have a valve on bot the hot and cold side not allowed by code because When it goes I want to be able to remove it with out draining my house. It will take the same number of kW-hrs to heat the water.

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If there are two circuits they must remain in parallel. Oh, also turn off the hot water outlet. If you set one themostat lower any time you have a sustained draw, both burners will come on although the 2nd burner will have a lag depending on where you set each water heater.

Originally Posted by kwood You must keep the main water at F if not you will have a chance of building bacteria in the tank.

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