Dating a girl afraid of commitment Girl I've been dating is scared of commitment and wants to be friends?

Dating a girl afraid of commitment

We even chill out at mine and just cuddle and lay about. What should I do? I just see you as a friend more right now. A lot of opinionated posts here with some clever advice. This kind of stuff happens all the time.

We even have sex after 3 weeks of dating and 5th date. This means no challenge; no game; no excitement.

You pushed for a commitment too soon, and she backed off. You can't pressure this, or the end result is a case like this. I haven't contacted her for 4 days and not sure if I should text her sooner than later or just give her some space.

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She knows she has girl afraid. She's not your 1 commitment, so don't make her yours. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I wouldn't count on it.

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It's the nature of the dating. It's going to happen, and you're gonna get super confused. You gave her all the control, and she lost interest - then fed you an atypical line to get out.

RoadkingJan 26, dating advice late twenties You are not being unfair by dating others, either. Well I see her at work on Saturday. Seldomly answer texts, don't hang out Don't hold out hope for her, but don't be mean or avoid her. It's bad news all around. Ask yourself, "If I were upper echelon, would she friendzone me?

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Eventually you'll find that one great catch and the settling feeling will be mutual. You go no contact and charge her ass to the game. When we got back to mine, I told her that I felt uncomfortable with her texting her ex-boyfriend still but then she says I won't ever be able to trust her.

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You both have different intentions, and are going to end up resenting each other if it persists. This is where making things out to be bigger than they are is a very bad idea. You are guilty of investing more into her than she was into you.

Either you're dating or not. I'll apologise to her for pushing for commitment face to face then I'll just have to get over her, despite really liking her.

Sorry for the long post but in a nut shell, she is scared of commitment because of past relationships where she has gotten hurt and she sees me as a friend, despite seeing me as much more before Christmas. She'll get the hint.

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