What is speed dating interview How to Ace a Speed Interview

What is speed dating interview

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By the time we get on a plane to visit with the candidate we have a good idea of executive presence and are rarely disappointed when we come to look them in the eye. The concept is simple and relatively straightforward. In contrast, they actually enjoy using their intuition, first impressions, and the opportunities to make snap judgments.

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You may be asked what you do or to simply introduce yourself. Rather, we invited her back the next day to participate in what we affectionately call speed dating.

What is a Speed Interview?

While this question is classic, it packs a punch. You might just find that the ROI is higher than you initially thought possible.

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Our search consultants may speak with fifty prospective candidates in a day and in less than five minutes, make a very quick assessment of whether we are even interested in reviewing their resumes. Most managers dislike traditional interviews and many show their dislike by putting them off for weeks. With table eight dating failure rate like that, tossing a coin would be a more effective measure!

In fact, the speed interviewing process has some significant advantages you must consider, regardless of your view on quick judgments: More and more staffing companies are gearing towards their own version of speed dating like interviews to streamline the process.

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How to Ace Speed Job Interviews

First, what is speed dating interview was speed dating, and now there is speed interviewing. We will never send spam! Third, the noisy interview room can make it hard for interviewers to hear and focus on their current candidate. Another alternative is having multiple managers from different departments present each potential candidate rotates among the interviewing managersso that the candidates have the opportunity to get exposure to the diverse job opportunities throughout the firm similar to a corporate job fair.

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Peter Drucker once said that companies get it wrong 2: Every activity can be thin sliced. It will paint a picture of what they take pride in as well as demonstrate how well they communicate off the cuff.

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No spam, and you can unsubscribe any time. Paul Coneff Posted at Like it or not, many managers dislike the rigid structure and free dating in montreal associated with behavioral interviews.

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Quicker interview processes produce quicker results, and this allows both parties to be as efficient as possible. HR traditionalists are probably wondering how anyone could gather enough information in a short burst of interaction to make a decision as complicated as whom to hire. As more time conscious millennials enter the workforce, streamline interviewing could serve as a major incentive to get candidates in the door.

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Time savings are arguably the most valuable aspect of streamlined interviewing as the process can be trimmed down to hours from days, and even cut down from months in some cases.

She seemed like the perfect fit. Great recommendation for Patrick Lencioni!