Fossil dating circular reasoning Circular Reasoning in Evolutionary Biology

Fossil dating circular reasoning

Interesting that you should put a blog on here about this.

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Stratigraphy cannot avoid this kind of reasoning if it insists on using only temporal concepts, because circularity is inherent in the derivation of time scales. June 28, - 2: This is always possible in circular reasoning. In addition to refusing to see the circular reasoning involved in reasoning fossils, evolutionist refuse to acknowledge the many problems with the geological column depicted above itself: Then we have at least 15 different radiometric decay series, each usable of some range of years.

This makes good sense and would obviously be the best way to determine relative geologic age — if, that is, we knew infallibly that evolution were true! Logically you would conclude they were placed there recently correct. If you think there is a creator and science is wrong.

I think I would rather first lines dating in God. I asked an archaeologist, who was visiting from Princeton University, how long does it take wood to petrify? Then you have long suspected this problem - right?

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The theory of natural selection is almost totally dependent on curricular reasoning. Such a society is socially just because individuals are judged not by their gender, the colour of their skin or their religion, but according to their talents and willingness to work, or on what Martin Luther King called 'the content of their character'.


In view of such admissions from many leading evolutionists, it is clear that there neither is, nor can be, any proof of evolution. These predominantly French ideas of the evolutionary history of the world were to flow over into Scotland and England and were further developed by men such as Dr.

Never fossil dating did I say enything about free, I said "free. Then came the theory that the fossils in the rocks decided the age of the strata they were in.

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That is a cop-out of the worst kind. In the same textbook it says this: The rocks are dated by the fossils, but the fossils are dated by the rocks??? The temporal ordering of biological events beyond the local section may critically involve paleontological correlation, which necessarily presupposes the non-repeatability of organic events in geologic history.

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I currently live in: February 28, - 4: This is supposed to be hard-headed pragmatism. Ten years after Dr. You say things like, "That is a stupid argument. Perhaps, however, geologists feel that, since biologists had already proved evolution, they are justified in assuming it in their own reasoning.

by Henry M. Morris, Ph.D.

Each goes with the other. Evolutionary theory is a myth. This leads us to circular dating as Ieptrich described so well.

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July 15, - 5: He said that it takes wood at the minimum a couple of thousand years to petrify but it could be longer.

The rest is poetry, imagination. As I said before.

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