Dating not marriage ep 13 Marriage, Not Dating Episode 13 Recap

Dating not marriage ep 13

I loved this episode! Gi Tae flashes around ohmanwon in his wallet.

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I was offended by the age discrimination against Jang Mi, but I understand Korea is a different country where people get plastic surgery to be able to take a good picture for their resume before even being considered for a job. I noticed that too.

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You know, our OTP are busy figuring how to communicate and, well, JM's parents get back together? I am gonna rockville dating you.

The ringing turns to pounding as Ki-tae adds, almost angrily, that now he wants to be with that girl.

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She hands him the vacuum and tells him to put some clothes on. JM's dad left with side stitches.


Should I need to say more? They need to make a lot of money. But lit professors when they talk about Korean lit, seem to treasure and highlight that the most about Korean lit.

I'm not they clearly showed it was the Dad hanging on as well. This is perhaps why their conversation at the end is one of my favorite moments of them by far because they were dealing with such a real relationship issue.


They need some time together before jumping into marriage. It looks like you don't have Adobe Flash Player installed.

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I assume this was product placement same as the billboard for Restylane that is crowding his desk. I just hope Jang-mi doesn't lose her feisty streak.

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The best scene to me was kt realizing that jm would never try to purposely hurt him. This is the most unnecessary Cancer in the history of Unnecessary Cancer! She claims to be fine with Ki-tae working with Se-ah, though her marriage is a little too shrill to be believable.

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When she told dad she couldn't waste anymore of her life 2 or 3 episodes back. I know she has alaways been on my good side.

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I cried along with both of them. After going through all that suffering, we barely finished dating.

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But on to the episode. Chandler August 23, at 6: I was laughing and swooning all at once. Chandler August 17, at 8: Day in the life of a kdrama addict…. Looking forward to your recap of the next episode! Gosh, I love this drama Scenes that made me laugh the hardest include but are not limited 100 free dating sites uk only

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