Hook up 3d ii (2014) no signal? -hdmi - LG 55LE5400 tv

Hook up 3d ii (2014)

That being said, I followed the steps you provided, and I'm still not getting any sound. As I said previously, you need to connect all your devices to the receiver and then, using one single HDMI cable, connect the receiver to the TV.

I have an almost identical problem - except that my Roku has been hooked up for 7 months before my HDMI inputs stopped working two days ago. NOTE The optimal distance from the camera to use the motion recognition function is between 1.

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TV purchased in November, I have an LG 55LE tv. Sound comes through, but not picture Your notion the optical audio from the tv but the hdmi so you want tv audio input on the Panasonic.


Set up your devices with Universal Control. Or just these three? NOTE If cables are installed incorrectly, it could cause the TV image to display in black and white or with distorted color. In addition, with our FAQs and troubleshooting tips, we can help you set up and manage your new TV's features and functions — so they're perfectly in tune with the way you watch.

I've lost count of folk that don't pull the power cords. If not fixed I will buy Samsung Tvs from now on.

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When using HDMI how do you have it hooked up? I'm at a loss.

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To transmit an audio signal, connect an audio cable. If you figure out anything, please post.

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Connect your external audio device and the TV with the digital optical audio cable as shown in the following illustration. You want your Blu Ray connected to the reciever input, and the reciver output hooked to the TV.

Same issue started today August 25 Curious if my solution is to buy a new tv?

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September 22, 2: I use rabbit ear antenna for over the air TV broadcasts and that still works fine. There are several options for hook up 3d ii (2014) them set up and the diagrams below should remove some of the guesswork. A cheap cable won't work trust me, I spent a day trying to figure out what was wrong and it was the cable Now, make sure the bluray player is plugged into HDMI 2 on your TV.

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Engineer dating advice tried but no luck The port check I do is pretty simple. Log in to create and rate content, and to follow, bookmark, and share content with other members.

You are posting a reply to: SkyBill40 September 22, For Consumer For Business. You may use an optional external audio system instead of the built-in speaker.

HDMI Connection

Most gaming systems can connect to your TV using a variety of cables. But for unplug I unplug connections first then power. I have the same problem with my PS3. TV is only 3 years old.

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